Order an Essay 6 Qualities to Look out for

Order an Essay: 6 Qualities International Students Check Before Getting an Essay Writing Service

If you are a student looking for help to complete your essay writing and assignments, you should look out for the following qualities from your essay writing service.

As it happens, students sometimes order an essay online as they need help to complete assignments in time to avoid penalties due to late submissions. Whether you forgot that you had the assignment or you are unable to do it because you are busy doing other important stuff, you can easily hire a writer online to complete the paper for you.

In fact, essay writing services have become so popular today that you can order an essay and have it done, even if you only have a few hours left.

At this time of rush, it is easy to trust the wrong company leading to disappointments and regrets when the essay you’ve ordered is rejected or when the work done is shoddy and cannot be submitted. 

This is where the following 6 qualities come into play. By looking out for these qualities, it is impossible to go wrong as you place your fate in the hands of ghost essay writers in the other corner of the globe.

  • Communication with your writer
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Size of the essay writing company
  • Available modes of communication
  • Proof of service, and
  • Procedure for requesting a revision

We believe that essay writing service companies with these 6 features will provide you with the best services that you can rely on, and you can order an essay with the confidence.

1. Communication with your Writer

For the best possible results, you must be able to reach your writer directly and communicate your instructions clearly without risking distortion through intermediaries. 

Some online essay writing services establish a barrier between their clients and the writers by requiring that every message you attempt to send to your writer goes through them first.

Often, these companies do this to safeguard their revenue stream for fear that you and the writer may decide to transact outside their platform.

This type of relationship is risky and may inconvenience you when one party is no-show, or when the employer and the employee disagree on anything.

 Reliable services allow you to access your essay writer and communicate with them directly and only move in when there is dispute. That is, when you are not okay with the quality of their essay. Before you order an essay, make sure you can communicate directly with your writer.

2. Ensure a Money-Back Guarantee before you order an essay

Simply because the website displays a money-back guarantee does not mean they will give you back your money when they fail to fulfil their obligations and deliver a quality paper.

Before buying your essay online, ask for a guarantee that your money will be refunded in case of anything. 

Essay writing services are in high demand and good writers are always busy. A company may take your order and add it to a writers’ queue without asking them first and so, there is the possibility that your paper will not be delivered in time. In that and any other cases, you must get your funds back and only a money-back guarantee can save you.

A legitimate money-back guarantee should cover you, even in the rarest of cases and should provide an elaborate procedure for you to file your claim. Always check to make sure there is a valid money-back guarantee before you order an essay online.

3. Size of the Essay Writing Company

There are essay writing services with over 500 writers. However flawless their systems are, mistakes and disputes are bound to surface in the course of your transaction.
Whether it’s a delay in communication or a complicated revision procedure, these companies rarely guarantee that you will receive the best possible service from their writers.
Smaller companies with fewer team members are often more organized and can guarantee timely and reliable information and high-quality work. They mostly feature a group of writers, each writer specialized in a specific subject.
To guarantee a seamless ordering process, we recommend that you work with a small team that will pay attention to your paper.

4. Available Modes of Communication

Although most essay writing service providers prefer emailing, using instant messengers such as Whatsapp, Wechat, and messenger can be reassuring as most allow you to view if your message has been read.
You will be able to tell if the deal is going south early enough for you to switch your provider.
Other essay writing providers will send a text message when you order an essay and when your paper is ready.
An essay writing company that allows multiple contact modes is preferable to one that just depends on emails.

5. Proof of Essay Writing Service

You want to order an essay from a company that is reputable, with a verifiable track record of producing high quality essays.

Look out for reviews posted on third party review platforms such as Trustpilot because they are more trustworthy and can be relied upon.

If you cannot establish whether a site has been reviewed on Trustpilot, self-hosted reviews can help you make a decision on which essay writing service to settle for.

6 Procedure for Requesting an Essay Revision

Revisions are an essential part of a good essay writing company. Before ordering an essay, you will want to make sure that the procedure for requesting revision is not complicated, and your revision is not added to the rest of the queue.
Some essay writing services will accept your revision and add it at the bottom of the list, taking much more time than is needed before your paper is revised.
Make sure the service you are considering ordering from has a straightforward procedure of requesting revision.

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