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An academic report is a piece of writing produced for class work and for evaluating concepts discussed in class, experimented or researched. Academic reports are required for many fields of study including biology, physics, chemistry as well as humanities such as political sciences, etc.

The main difference between an academic report and an essay is, academic reports are more empirical. They discuss the writers own findings through research, experiment or reading. Essays discuss the opinions of other authors on a subject.

An academic report writing service can help a student create their academic report without any set backs. it is specifically useful to you if you have run out of time to prepare your report, or you are simply unable to complete your academic report in time.  A ghost writer takes your instructions are prepares a draft you will use to prepare the final report.

Formatting Academic Reports

Academic reports of different subjects share standard formatting guidelines For example, all scientific reports but share certain heading. Including these headlines makes it easier for other researchers to replicate your study during peer review.

Unlike essays, reports rely on visual forms such as charts, graphs and diagrams to simplify data and show findings.

A Bibliography is not a compulsory feature of academic report. However, as a student, adding background research  will help enhance your report since you are not an expert at the field.

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