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How to an Article Review

Perhaps the most thrilling academic correspondence, Article Review is a unique blend of creativity, summary, evaluation, and analysis of another individual’s article.

Conventionally, article review doesn’t establish new facts, instead, it surveys and digests existing works and published articles. In most instances, this form of writing presents the readers or writers perspective, while at the same time allowing facilitation of conscience writing.

So, what structure or format does an Article Review take?

Similar to a majority of essays, article review follows the conventional laws of essay writing that include; an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

However, writing an article review also incorporates distinct elements such as

  • Article identification
  • Critique, and
  • An op-ed section.

The introductory section contains a distinguishing line that names the article under review, recognizes the author, and provides a general theoretical view of the article. It then furnishes the reader with a thesis statement that angles the entire review.

Multiple paragraphs that address the various perspectives the reader has on the article constitute the body. It outlines different points the reader thinks are of importance and following the laid instructions.

Additionally, the body offers examples, statistics, and scholarly citations as per requirements.

The conclusion offers a summary to the essay, and in most instances provides an overview of the article and an after-thought.

In as much as it may seem simple to write an article review, students face multiple challenges in presenting a congruent paper. Whereas external struggles that a student has no control over might include internet connectivity problems, power outages, urgent deadlines, and part-time jobs, internal obstacles encapsulate poor grammar, English usage as a second language, incoherent ideas, and in-adherence to guidelines provided. To avoid all these inconveniences, help lies at the click of a button away.

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