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Health Behavior Theories Chapter 7 of our textbook describes various health behavior theories. Use the Health Behavior Theories worksheet to complete this assignment.

In section one, provide a definition of the social-ecological model in your own words. On the diagram, label each level of the model and explain each level.

In section two, select four of the health behavior theories described in chapter 7 of our textbook.

For each theory, provide a description of the theory and explain the major concepts associated with it in your own words. Categorize which level of the social-ecological model the theory is related to. Then, generate an example of how this theory could be used in creating an intervention. This example can come from the scholarly literature or you can create your own. Use the example provided as a guide.

Use at least one scholarly resource, in addition to the course textbook, cited in APA style according to the Ashford Writing Center guidelines.Carefully review the Grading Rubric Links to an external site. for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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