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While we continue to surprise ourselves with the speed at which we perform, limited delivery time gives us stomach butterflies as we race against time to deliver your paper. Please note that it takes approximately 1 hour to write 1 page or (300 words) of meaningful academic content and the writer will need reasonable time to go through your course material. 

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If you don’t have USD balance and want to pay using RMB, we accept Alipay & Wechat pay with a small transaction cost. The following are our essay writing services rates in rmb.

8 hrs - 48 hrs

800 rmb
Per 1000 Words

If your order is urgent and you need it within a couple of hours to 48 hours, our rates start from 800 rmb per 1000 words. Pay 50% deposit and the rest after completion

3 - 7 Days Deadline

600 rmb
Per 1000 Words

If you have up to seven days to turn in your essay or assignment, you will spend 600 rmb per 1000 words on your paper. You pay 50% deposit and we send you progress reports every 24 hours.

More than 7 Days

450 rmb
Per 1000 Words

If you still have at least 8 days before your essay or paper is due, our rates start from 450 rmb for every 1000 words that we write. We require a 50% deposit with progress reports every 48 hours.

NOTE: These rates are not permanent and may be slightly higher or lower depending with your subject.
Technical subjects subjects e.g math, comp science and engineering, etc may be slightly higher.

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